The nonprofit Alliance for Young Artists & Writers identifies America’s most creative, original and innovative teens through the presentation of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.  The Awards are the largest, most prestigious and longest-running.
Presented annually since 1923, The Awards identified the early promise of Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Sylvia Plath, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard Avedon, Zac Posen and many others. Each year, the Alliance and its 81 Regional Affiliates review more than 140,000 submissions of art and writing by creative teenagers from across the country.

Students can submit works in the following genres:

Humor                                 Science Fiction/Fantasy                 Creativity and Citizenship
Journalism                          Short Story                                           Persuasive Writing
Novel Writing                     Flash Fiction                                       General Writing Portfolio
Dramatic Script                Nonfiction Portfolio                           Personal Essay/Memoir

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