Write Away Writing Series:  With SWC classroom
workshops, the writing is actually secondary.  Rather, we utilize the
mechanics of creative writing for building confidence, bolstering
esteem and encouraging creative problem solving.  All workshops
are customized, interactive and grade-appropriate.  The series is
comprised of 1, 3 or 6 sessions and accommodates a rotation
through no more than three classrooms per visit.  Option to
conclude with a classroom performance or reading. K-12

Milwaukee High School Slam League:  Creative writing
and spoken word are dynamic tools for building student
confidence and school community.  SWC supports interested
teachers and counselors in hosting spoken word clubs at their
school or community center.  We spend the fall semester
instructing the students on creating individual and team pieces.  
In the spring, the student teams compete in a multi-school poetry
slam league.  9-12 grades  
The Middle School Slam Series is an
abbreviated version (4-6 classroom visits).  

The Assembly:  This high-energy showcase can be either an
all-school or multi-classroom assembly.  We present nationally-
accomplished spoken word artists, local teen performers, a live
deejay and, hopefully, the work of a few of your own students.  
Invariably, the student body is surprised to find themselves being
inspired and entertained by … poetry!  7-12 grades.  45 minutes.  
Performances are scheduled in the order they are received.  
Don't lose your first-choice dates!

Teacher In-Service:  The prospect of writing a poem or short
story can be intimidating for students and for teachers.  More
than Words will introduce fresh alternatives for incorporating
creative writing activities in the classroom.  Key to the discussion
will be research that highlights the learning objectives within the
creative writing process, separate from those focused on the
creative writing product. This session will be interactive, hands-on
and fast-paced.
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